Why Yahoo Mail is Slow? | & How to Simply Fix It

Yahoo mail is also a popular name in the field of email service providers all around the world.  For two decades millions of users using yahoo mail service. It has a variety of features to attract users like attachments, privacy, storage capacity, user-friendly interface, etc. But yahoo lacks behind in one thing as compared to other mail devices is speed. Speed issue is the major concern of the users because in this busy life people need to respond on a prompt basis and if speed is not up to the mark it may cause some serious problems. Hence, maintaining it is vital for the users as well as for the providers.  Technical issues or fault at the user’s ends sometimes make it a bit slow.

Why Yahoo Mail is Slow? | Reasons & Suggestions

Here, we are providing you some common issues along with steps to overcome this problem on your own.

Internet connection :
One of the most ordinary reasons behind slow working is internet connectivity. Before using mail service ensure the internet connection speed. It is recommended that a high-speed internet connection should be preferred.

Browser version :
In today’s time where the new version of apps browsers etc., keeps on launching every day. Sometimes becomes the barrier in the working of mails on outdated browsers etc, consequently, users face the problem of no response Or slow response. So, if you are encountered with this issue, check for the available updates of happypancake.

Unwanted files Or attachments:
When we use services over the internet, countless files like cache, temp, adds, etc settled down in the memory of the devices. This is another reason behind its slow speed. So, it is not a bad idea to keep a check on these temporary natures files and keep them deleting on a regular basis.

Keep your mailbox clean :
Numerous mails in the mailbox is another factor that can cause yahoo mail & take much time to load. Hence, if you have dozens of unnecessary emails in your inbox Or outbox then remove them without a single thought.

Use multiple tabs :
Avoid displaying all the mails on a single page, in spite of this use multiple tabs or third-party email clients or other devices to reduce the burden. As opening them in a single tab may create hurdles and this becomes time-consuming.

Avoid using other software or apps in the background :
Generally, we have a habit of working with multiple apps or software. But it is not always fruitful. As some devices can not bear up the load of working with multiple apps or software. And consequently, users have to face some adverse results like slow speed. So, while using yahoo mail turn off these third-party apps for a while.

Set your browser settings to default :
Settings of the browsers plays, a significant role in accessing the desired services. But sometimes it has been seen that even a slight change in those settings makes the services not respond adequately. Thus, making corrections to them may give you a positive response.

(Note: After applying any of the suggestions, restart your device before moving further. )

Applying the above-mentioned methods you can get rid of slow yahoo’s speed. But in case your problem still remains as it is then don’t get nervous, there is still one best solution left. Just make a call to yahoo’s customer care team at any time without any kind of single thought. And you will surely get a perfect solution.

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